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Glass, Ceramics & Wood Turning

Our Glass Range Stephanie Bowen Andrew Sanders & David Wallace Julie Langan Jo Downs
  Eddy Crick      
Our Ceramics Range Emma Louise Wilson Paul Jenkins Graham Glynn Karen Fawcett Christine Corthorn
  Ken & Valerie Shelton Sarah Stoker Helen Russell Vanessa Conyers
Wood Turning Bob Burns John Mercer    


Stephanie Bowen

Stephanie Bowen Glass

A young designer-maker who handcrafts beautiful decorative and functional fused glass panels, platters and jewellery.

Andrew Sanders & David Wallace

Andrew Sanders & David Wallace Glass

...produce a wide range of blown glass items including drinking glasses, perfume bottles, vases and baubles for Christmas.

Julie Langan

Julie Langan Glass

Glass made in Lancashire. Landscape series available in wall hangings, standing arcs & wall panels.

Jo Downs

Jo Downs Glass

Popular Fused Glass from Cornwall. New Pilchard series available as coasters, dishes bowls & mirrors. Wall plaques are signed by Jo Downs herself. The fish are handcrafted, fused in bubbly blue enamels and baked at very special temperatures in their Cornish kilns.

Eddy Crick

Eddy Crick Glass

Eddy from Yorkshire makes stained glass sun catchers inspired by the natural world, birds and animals are his speciality including blue tits kingfishers puffins amongst others.


Emma Louise Wilson

Emma Louise Wilson Ceramics

Emma Louise Wilson hand crafts fine ceramic bowls, spoons, brooches and hangings from porcelain clay. They are meticulously decorated with decals, glazes & lustres so they feel like precious objects.

Paul Jenkins

Paul Jenkins

Cold cast Bronze resin figures after original sculpture by Paul Jenkins. Hares, cats, pigs, otters, meerkats & others to order.

Graham Glynn

Graham Glynn Ceramics

Thrown pots decorated in his distinctive style inspired by the landscape. Local Garstang Potter.

Karen Fawcett

Karen Fawcett Ceramics

from Seaham in the North East handbuilds a wide range of ceramic birds including robins, wrens, kingfishers, owls...We also stock her adorable sleepy dormice.

Christine Corthorn

Christine Corthorn Ceramics

Christine’s ceramics are both ornamental and functional. They are organic in nature and inspired by water, its movement and its effect upon objects and surfaces. Designs and shapes found in water, sand, pebbles and rock formations are amongst the many starting points which influence her work. A limited palette of glazes and oxides are used to emphasis the surface textures and simple shapes which make up each original piece.

Ken and Valerie Shelton

Ken and Valerie Shelton Ceramics

Ken and Valerie Shelton make all their work by hand; each piece is individually crafted in their Cheshire studio. Ken makes the pots from fine white earthenware. Pots thrown on the potter’s wheel are left to dry to a “leather hard” state and are then turned on the wheel, trimming away excess clay to produce the final shape and a smooth polished surface. Valerie decorates each piece with free-hand painting using ceramic colours; no transfers or guidelines are used so each piece is truly unique. A transparent glaze is applied over the colour and the pot is fired again in the kiln to over 1100°C.

Sarah Stoker

Sarah Stoker Ceramics

Sarah hand makes white earthenware ceramics in her purpose built studio in Yorkshire including charming flowery mugs, jugs, vases and teapots. Here she does all the making, designing, surface decoration and firings. Each piece is individually decorated & hand painted.

Helen Russell

Helen Russell Ceramics

Helen’s ceramics inhabit a world of fun, inspired by the natural world, storytelling and illustration. Helen’s BA (Hons) in Three Dimensional Design means she has experience of working in many different materials, but her first loves are clay and wood. Helen likes to celebrate the best bits of human nature. Her lovely little blob birds can be seen as charming couples, in family groups, with flowers or bird boxes...

Vanessa Conyers

Vanessa Conyers Ceramics

Vanessa’s delightful ceramics are hand crafted in her Dorset studio and each piece is skillfully assembled from fine earthenware clay inscribed with vintage lace and fabrics. Layers of paint, mono-print, and glaze are sumptuously embellished with enamel decals and lashings of gold lustre and mother of pearl, and each piece is fired at least four times to achieve its smooth iridescent finish. Her collections of ceramic jugs, bowls and cups can be used (with an air of indulgent luxury), or simply treasured as heirlooms, admired for their quaint nostalgia and unique elegance.

Wood Turning

Bob Burns

Bob Burns

Bob who lives in Garstang lovingly produces wood-turned fruit, platters and bowls using a variety of interesting wood.

John Mercer

John Mercer

John hand carves lime wood in his unique style to create streamlined birds capturing the essence of their form. The pieces are mounted on organic curvy Mopani root sections and a turned wood base providing interesting contrast of texture and individuality to each. John is an honorary member of The Art & Craft Guild of Lancashire. He carves a wide range of birds & accepts commissions.