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Glass, Ceramics, Wood & Metal

Our Glass Range Stephanie Bowen Andrew Sanders & David Wallace Julie Langan Beserks Glass
  Matt Adkins    
Our Ceramics Range Sarah Moss Katie Almond Chloe Harford Christine Corthorn
  Simone Noble
Wood & Metal Jill Stewart Clocks John Mercer David Meredith Sculptures    


Stephanie Bowen

Stephanie Bowen Glass

A young designer-maker who handcrafts beautiful decorative and functional fused glass panels, platters and jewellery.

Andrew Sanders & David Wallace

Andrew Sanders & David Wallace Glass

...produce a wide range of blown glass items including drinking glasses, perfume bottles, vases and baubles for Christmas.

Julie Langan

Julie Langan Glass

Glass made in Lancashire. Landscape series available in wall hangings, standing arcs & wall panels.

Matt Adkins

Matt Adkins Glass

Matt creates beautiful images of rolling and curling waves in glass relief. We have an interesting range from small free standing sculptures to decorative wall panels.

Beserks Glass

Beserks Glass Glass

Berserks Glass is run by a couple of creative craft makers in rural Devon. Their dishes, coasters and tealights make perfect little gifts. A stunning new collection developed this year features trees in different colours made of glistening fused glass. Perfect interior pieces.


Christine Corthorn

Christine Corthorn Ceramics

Christine's ceramics are both ornamental and functional. They are organic in nature and inspired by water, its movement and its effect upon objects and surfaces. Designs and shapes found in water, sand, pebbles and rock formations are amongst the many starting points which influence her work. A limited palette of glazes and oxides are used to emphasis the surface textures and simple shapes which make up each original piece.

Karen Fawcett

Karen Fawcett Ceramics

from Seaham in the North East handbuilds a wide range of ceramic birds including robins, wrens, kingfishers, owls...We also stock her adorable sleepy dormice.

Simone Noble

Simone Noble Ceramics

Simone is a ceramics maker from Northumberland. After years of experimentation her collection features characterful and whimsical sheep, Highland Cows and the ever popular Herdwicks - the sheep that smile! They come as singles, pairs, and groups sometimes behind a fence or wall.

Sarah Moss

Sarah Moss Ceramics

Sarah works from her studio near Sheffield creating wonderfully detailed whimsical worlds and landscapes in ceramic. Often colourful with surface decoration featuring charming little houses, birds and flowers handmade in white earthenware.

Katie Almond

Katie Almond Ceramics

Katie Almond is a ceramic artist from Rutland, creating charming hand-made pots inspired by nostalgia, pattern & love of drawing onto porcelain. Each piece is a canvas for decoration & collage as she combines drawings with found vintage ephemera, transfers, built up layers of porcelain and gold lustre. Nostalgic themes that she constantly revisits are afternoon tea, the seaside & gardening. Pots include jugs, cups, plates, watering cans and brooches.

Chloe Harford

Chloe Harford Ceramics

Chloe from Devon makes ceramic puffins, penguins, seals and hares. They are all decorated with a distinctive crackle glaze which is achieved using a method called raku. This technique involves taking the pots hot from the kiln and placing them in a combustible material like sawdust. The glaze is caused to craze and the smoke penetrates giving the black lines. The random element of raku means each piece is unique.

Wood & Metal

Jill Stewart Clocks

Jill Stewart Clocks

Jill is a designer-maker based in rural Northumberland who makes unique metal clocks. They are made from etched brass & Copper with titanium details using the heat effects to colour the metal. All the clocks are wall mounted, but some can be ordered with a stand. Motifs include cats, birds, curlews, fish and foxes.

John Mercer

John Mercer

John hand carves lime wood in his unique style to create streamlined birds capturing the essence of their form. The pieces are mounted on organic curvy Mopani root sections and a turned wood base providing interesting contrast of texture and individuality to each. John is an honorary member of The Art & Craft Guild of Lancashire. He carves a wide range of birds & accepts commissions.

David Meredith Sculptures

David Meredith Sculptures

Art has always been a part of David's life & he has been sculpting professionally for more than 20 years, now specialising in bronze. He concentrates on wildlife. We have a good range of his exquisite miniatures including hares, deer, foxes, cats, birds. And a couple of larger pieces including this one 'Ol' Sleepy Head' sleeping mouse in a leaf hammock.